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An intimate exhibition and concert Lau Noah x Dymph de Gooijer at INDEBT STUDIOS

Lau Noah (b. 1994), from Catalonia, is a self-taught composer and musician who has become part of New York City's vibrant creative scene. She is praised for her unique approach in which she accompanies her voice with astonishing guitar counter melodies. Her music has been praised by notable figures as Phoebe Bridgers, Jacob Collier and James Browne. People around the world, including many artists on social media, resonate with Lau Noah's universally appealing and intimate compositions.

On the visual side, artist Dymph de Gooijer (b. 1998) excels in the use of oil paint, ink and watercolour in her drawings. Her creations are a visual symphony of contrasts: tactile yet dark, soft yet powerful. What sets De Gooijer apart is her unique ability to capture and visually convey vulnerability, creating a deep connection with viewers. Her art opens a gateway to a shared space of inner conflict, where self-assurance struggles with insecurity, joy struggles against anger and gentleness struggles against contempt. De Gooijer challenges aesthetic norms and encourages viewers to find beauty even in discomfort.

In the harmonious collaboration between Lau Noah and Dymph de Gooijer, you will experience the transcendent interplay between music and visual art. Their expressions offer an intimate and vulnerable experience that invites you to embrace the feeling of being comfortably uncomfortable. Everything is laid bare, encouraging you to explore and form a deep connection with the unfiltered essence of human experience. (Text by Anne-Jet de Nas)

Exhibition and collaboration was curated by Bea Secchia, Anne-Jet de Nas and Dymph de Gooijer

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